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--jmcozzoli, Zombos' Closet of Horror

August 9, 2010

Druggy Horror Movies

From high teenagers getting wasted--really, like dead, man--to gruesome surgeries done without the benefit of anesthesia, horror movies muster all the terror they can from all those unfortunate social situations and sharp needle syringes that result when mind-altering psychedelics and mad scientist toxic chemical highballs are messed around with. LOTT D takes a look at some druggy movies you won't need to sniff glue to get high on.

Dr. Gangrene's Tales From the Lab gets us all a tingle along with Vincent Price in The Tingler:

One of the more unusual scenes in this film involves a bit of experimentation by the good doctor – drug experimentation. In order to study the effects of fear in an extreme condition, he intentionally injects himself with LSD and keeps tabs on its effects as begins tripping.

Goblin Books boozes it up with The Black Cat:

This is a nice rendition of Poe's tale, which is one of the classic nightmare-descent-into-booze-and-pills type stories. Long before Reefer Madness and VH1's Behind the Music, Poe was punching them out old-school.

Cinema Suicide blows our mind with Pop Skull:

Daniel’s life kind of sucks these days. He ingests a galaxy of pills, both over the counter and prescription, in obscene quantities. His girlfriend, the one, broke up with him to date some douche bag actor. He’s slipping away from sanity, minute by minute and he may or may not be haunted by the ghosts of two murderous brothers and their victim. Pop Skull is a portrait of loneliness, desperation and drug-induced psychosis.

Fascination With Fear cooks up some Shrooms:

Now, if you're thinking this is just a medical mystery-type of horror movie, you'd be mistaken. There is a lot more going on. After Tara ingests the mushroom but AMAZINGLY does not perish, she begins to have delusions, funky dreams, and can apparently see the future in frightening visions.

TheoFantastique joins the shamans and dips into the psychedelics in Avatar:

The virtual topographies of our millennial world are rife with angels and aliens, with digital avatars and mystic Gaian minds, with utopian longings and gnostic science fictions, and with dark forebodings of apocalypse and demonic enchantment.

Uranium Cafe has a cocktail with The Nutty Professor:

The story is a retelling of the Jekyll and Hyde theme, where a quiet and soft spoken man of science finds a formula for breaking down his inhibitions giving him the power to do all the things his weaker but nobler other half can only dream about. 

Zombos' Closet of Horror finds the stash in Trailer Park of Terror:

Tiffany (Stefanie Black) goes tripping and runs afoul of Roach (Myk Watford), who saws off one of her arms for using his stash. When she comes down from her trip and back to one-armed reality, she runs screaming into the mother of trailer trash monstrosities, the repulsively grotund 'where's my meat?' Larlene (Trisha Rae Stahl).

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those are all pretty decent entries. maybe someday i'll get a crack at being a tea drinker so i can add to the awesome content