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--jmcozzoli, Zombos' Closet of Horror

March 3, 2011

2010 Horror Movie Picks

AHI mummy The League of Tana Tea Drinkers sips a little tana tea, eats a few crumpets, and gossips all about their favorite 2010 movies in the following categories...
  • Best English Language Horror Movie
  • Best Foreign Language Horror Movie
  • Best Independent Horror Movie With a Limited Theatrical Release or STDVD
  • Best New DVD Release Of An Older Horror Movie
 ...and not surprising, the voting reveals a slew of movie favorites. So the winners are...
For Best English Language Horror Movie the Winner is...

  • Let Me In
The runner-ups: Black Swan, The Wolfman.
For Best Foreign Language Horror Movie, the Winner is tied...
  • [REC] 2 and The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
For Best Indie Horror Movie With a Limited Theatrical Release or STDVD, the winner is...
  • Lake Mungo
The runner-up: Buried
For Best New DVD Release of an Older Horror Movie, the winner is...
  • Not sure
But these received one vote each: Night of the Creeps, Psycho, Dark Night of the Scarecrow, The Slumber Party Massacre Collection.

Movies receiving one vote each in Best English, Best Foreign and Best Indie categories: Enter the Void, A Serbian Film, Big Tits Zombies, Mother, Atomic Brain Invasion, Pornography: A Thriller, Make Out With Violence, Primal, Survival of the Dead.

 The voters:
Cinema Suicide
Billy Loves Stu
Reflections on Film and TV
Slasher Speak
Evil on Two Legs
Monster Land
Planet of Terror
Day of the Woman
Strange Kids Club
Vault of Horror
Too Much Horror Fiction
Evil Amp
Fascination With Fear
Vampire Bridegroom
Monster Magazine World

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